Friday, January 29, 2016

Disney Princess Weekend Race Medals

Have you seen the 2016 Princess Weekend race medals? Super pretty. I'll be modifying some of my designs to incorporate the Ariel/The Little Mermaid theme this year.  I will be adding earrings as well shortly, so check back to my shop.

My personal favorite is the Glass Slipper Challenge medal below.

Check all the race medals out here...

Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend is coming up February 18-21, 2016 in Walt Disney World, FL. The races are: Princess Half Marathon, Enchanted 10K, Glass Slipper Challenge (which is both 10K and 13.1 = 19.3 miles), a Princess 5K, and some delightful races for kids under 13, including a one miler, Diaper Dash for crawlers and some shorter dashes as well. Yep, Disney starts them off young. And they all get a finisher medallion for participation.

Here are some of my Princess Weekend designs available for purchase in my SarahJaneDesign ETSY shop.

PRINCESS Stamped Necklace, Running Jewelry, Run Disney, 13.1, princess half jewelry, half marathon, princess, runner
Customize charm and colors

Glass Slipper Challenge CHARM Necklace, GSC jewelry, princess jewelry, run Disney Jewelry, princess half, princess marathon
Customize bead colors to your princess/costume

Princess stamped bracelet, Run Disney jewelry, custom stamped bracelet, princess half, princess marathon, 13.1, 10K, glass slipper challenge
Customize quote, race name and year

SHOE CHARMS, shoe tags, Run Disney jewelry, glass slipper challenge, Enchanted 10K, Princess half,  Disney princess, Disney half
Glass Slipper Challenge STAMPED Pendant
Glass Slipper Challenge STAMPED PENDANT
Glass Slipper Challenge SOLDERED Pendant
GSC Soldered Pendant - other colors available
Glass Slipper Challenge GLASS PENDANT
Customize colors, charms & bead colors

Disney Princess BLUE Soldered Pendant, Gotta Run, princess half marathon, Princess 10K, Princess 5K, Run Disney jewelry, Enchanted 10K, GSC
Gotta Run BLUE Soldered Pendant
Disney Princess PINK Soldered Pendant
Gotta Run PINK Soldered Pendant
Disney 10K GLASS Pendant
Disney 10K GLASS Pendant
Enchanted 10k STAMPED Pendant
Enchanted 10K STAMPED Pendant
Enchanted 10K SOLDERED Pendant
Enchanted 10K SOLDERED Pendant - other colors choices
As always, you can ask me to customize any of my SJD handmade Run Disney inspired jewelry for your race or character costume.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

RACE Movie

I love inspirational running movies, and there are quite a few out there. Who can forget Chariots of Fire? Can't say I've seen all of these, but here's a list of another 25 Great Running Movies per

This February, we have a new one....RACE. Not only is it inspirational for running, and for race equality, but it really happened. It's the true story of Jesse Owens. He had so much pressure to prove himself for his race at the time, but also not to prove himself for what Nazi Germany was doing during the war. What a choice.

I'm excited to watch and find out what he did. When personal conviction and real life come together, you really find out what's inside.

Comes out Friday, February 19th, 2016.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How to Put on a Bracelet (Hack)

I'm all about shortcuts and ways to make your life easier, even when it comes to putting on your jewelry. I've always opened my clasp with left hand (I'm right handed) and flicked my bracelet underneath, up and over facing me on my right wrist, then held my right wrist to my stomach to hold the bracelet in place, so I could clasp a lobster clasp.  But there is another way that may be easier - TAPE! Who knew?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No Excuses - This is Your Year!

2016 is well underway. How are your fitness goals doing? Did you join a gym this month? If yes, I hope you take baby steps and just keep a reasonable steady pace. If you go from 0-60mph in terms of "never worked out" to 4 or 5 days per week, you're bound to burn out by March. And we don't want that. Start with 3 days per week, and work up to five if you can.

Some of you have the "no time to exercise" excuse because you work from early in the morning until dark, pick up kids, make dinner, help with homework, shuttle to soccer practice, feed the dog, laundry, (insert ten more things here), then collapse into bed, only to repeat the next day. I know how it is. It's hard.

But I also know people who make the time despite a work schedule. They either get up earlier and put in the time, or do it right after work. If you wait until after dinner, chances are slim you'll feel motivated. I also suggest if at all possible, get a friend to workout with you. Have the accountability partner really staves off the excuses for why you have to stay back and fold towels or go through the mail, etc.

Someone once shared this with me at the gym and it stuck. "When you're young, you sacrifice your health for wealth" (always too busy working to exercise). "When you're old, you sacrifice your wealth for health." (Sometimes if you wait too long to get healthy, you find all your money in your golden years is going to pay medical bills.) None of us want that. Prevention is better than cure, right?  So take action now.

If you really can't get outside with three feet of snow to drive to the gym or walk outside, and you have no gym equipment in the house, don't forget about cable workouts. (There are lots of great free ones to your interest under the Sports & Fitness tab.)

And there's Pinterest, laden with quickie workouts you can do with just your body. I've posted one below as an example. I'm not sure it's really a 'Lazy Girl' workout. That would be lifting a hand full of chips to your mouth while you sit on the couch watching TV. Check out my Fitness Board for more ideas and targeted problem area workouts. Take screenshots with your phone, so you have them right in front of you.

I'm not kidding. If you did this little number 3 times/week (before or after folding your towels), even this would make a world of difference. You will get stronger, faster, more energized, toned and even burn some calories. You can work up to 3 sets of these exercises as you get better. Put on some fast music to motivate yourself. No more excuses. This is your year to get healthy! (Plus summer is only a few months away.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Celebrate Life - it's precious!

I loved making this order because as I cut the leather and ink distressed the edges, attached the Minnie Mouse ears and bling accents, hung the sterling silver awareness ribbons above each one, added the jump rings and chains, wrapped each one in spotted tissue with Disney princess stickers and black organza bag, I could anticipate the joy from the beaming smiles on the ladies faces as they receive these. I could feel the bond of sisterhood and love as these ladies choose to celebrate life and each other in one of the happiest places on earth.

You see six gal pals are going to Disneyland this February and they have great reason to celebrate. Two of them have been through Breast Cancer, and are celebrating their recovery. This disease affects so many, but these days with early detection it can be quite treatable. I know SO many ladies who have been through the dark tunnel to the other side of hope and health. I have had a scare myself, and I know the crazy places your mind will go.

The best advice I can offer is what we already know to do:
  • Don't forget your annual checkup and lab work. Many Moms forget about themselves and only go to the doctor when they're sick or pregnant (NOT good).
  • Do monthly self-exams to catch any unusual lumps or changes between checkups.
  • Exercise (yes you have to). Plus you'll look better, feel stronger, have more energy, and sleep better. A strong body can fight off anything better. Make time.
  • Make healthy choices in your diet. (Cancer cells love sugar and acidic environments)
  • Reduce stress in your life - toxic people, stressful or dangerous relationships, a job that depresses you daily, too many cats or Christmas lights.
  • Try to stay emotionally balanced. Don't be a drama queen. Be happy for others and not jealous. Forgive and don't hold onto grudges - it hurts you the most. Be slow to anger (OK, that one's for me - I have teenagers. LOL) 
  • Don't let worry or fear of the disease overtake or consume your thoughts frequently. Just because it was in your family, doesn't mean it will happen to you or recur. Don't plan on it, but be all the more vigilant with your health.
And if you are going through the battle, keep a positive (I'm going to beat this) survivor's attitude, which is one factor that helps your body stay strong. Pray. Make the changes. De-stress. Don't give up. Fight. Hold strong. Never quit! And if I could hug you right now, I would. Surround yourself with people who care and love you. Love is powerful!