Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ever been rock hunting?

Treasure hunting is always fun. Garage sales are some of my favorite places to go scavenging. My Mom once found two large pea-sized cultured pearl cufflinks to be the real deal for only $2. The owner did not apparently know what she was selling. 

My Mom stealth fully did the "real pearl" test - lightly scratch them against your teeth to see if they feel sandy or grainy. (P.S. May not want the seller to watch you do this). They seemed genuine and she doublechecked the price with seller. 

Later, she got them appraised, and had the set remade into a beautiful custom ring set diagonally with the two pearls.

I have also found long strands of semiprecious stones for just a few singles. So keep your eyes out for estate finds and special treasures buried amongst the dusty wreaths and brass lamps.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Disney Party

Hi guys, and sorry for not updating you recently. I HAVE been busy though and have thought of you often. I just wanted to let you know of a collaboration I did recently with Jeannie of MyMoodyMama blog. A busy homeschooling Mother of 4, let me just say, she is a wealth of information (as you can see by her handle +alittleaboutalot) especially about many things Disney. #LOVEDisney

Honestly, I don't know how she does it all, and has time to blog, etc. BUT SHE DOES! (Her next vids should be on time management, because she has that handled.)

She profiles many products including scrapbook materials, favorite makeup finds, clothing hauls, has all kinds of #Giveaways (mostly on her Insta), even test drives cars, and still has time to film makeup tutorials on her YouTube Channel. #DollFace
I also like that we share common core values with our faith, and she uses humor and inspiration to encourage you along the way in your daily life.

Her blog post re SarahJaneDesign was about a Disney Side @HomeCelebration, where Disney sent her a big box of goodies for a child's party. How cool is that? If you want more info, click the link above. Be sure and check out her party layout, including Frozen punch with a little Olaf inside.

She profiled some of my Princess Necklaces, and each girl got one as a necklace favor with a different princess when they left. So much fun! #HopefullyNoFights

If you go my SarahJaneDesign ETSY Shop and search for Disney Princess, a lot of options will come up, not to mention all my Run Disney jewelry.

Here are the links to ALittleAboutALot online...

Instagram: @alittleaboutalot


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Why Water Is Important To Your Health

Water: Nature’s Cure-All? Aside from quenching your thirst, drinking the right amount of water can benefit your overall health in countless other ways. From aiding weight loss to boosting productivity, let’s look at how water can improve your health. We Are Water … well, we’re mostly...
This article is great visually to tell us what we already know to be true. Have the goal to lessen or even drop your soda intake this year. Not only will you lose calories, but your skin and entire insides will thank you, plus you will have more energy. 

Have a big glass (at least 20oz.) by your desk at all times, and refill when empty. You are supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. Research also shows that water directly affects metabolism and your body's ability to burn through calories. 
So don't tell your brain there is a drought and it needs to conserve energy. Go get that cup right now. 

I recently saw an interview with supermodel Naomi Camp discussing her first thing in the am regimen. She drinks warm water (cold shocks the system) with lime juice to start a mini cleanse each day. If you don't have a lemon grove out back, just pour in a little bottled lemon juice into your water. It's amazing how clean you feel drinking this. Also a go-to of mine when sick with a cold. So if you want to have supermodel skin, it's a great start.


Here is a FREE PRINTABLE water glass tracker.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Custom Memorial Pendants

Sadly, I have made several custom memorial pendants lately, and even more sad is that a few of them were for deaths by suicide. So sudden and tragic, you often don't know what to give at a time like that. Jewelry is something to consider giving when you want something uniquely special that lasts much longer, and means more than a gift of flowers.

The first was for the mother of a down syndrome man. I included the phrase Live Lives On, plus his name, date, an angel wing charm, and the Swarovski crystals in Down Syndrome Awareness colors of dark blue and yellow.

The next was for family members who had lost their Mom. One went to the daughter and had her amethyst birthstone, plus the angel wing and other charms. A slightly different version went to the granddaughter, with the strength circle charm and cross charm, as her faith was helping her through this difficult time. The last leather dogtag was for the younger grandson to clip onto his backpack.

The last set I did was for the girlfriend of a young man who loved to play drums. So I included a drum set charm, the angel wing, and his favorite colors, black and red, plus the phrase Love Lives On the front, and RIP (name) and dates on the back side. The leather dogtag was made into a keychain for another family member.

As you can see, I will take care to personalize for both women and men, older or younger so they have a special keepsake to remember their loved one by. I will do my best to personalize with colors, meaningful text, and charms that I may have in stock that remind you of something personal about them.

You can purchase here in my ETSY shop and put in note to seller specific charms, colors, dates, text etc. or you can convo me as well through my shop.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Run with Me

You know how sometimes you get your best ideas in the shower, wedding or picking out apples at the grocery store? Well, recently while sitting in church (yes I was listening), I got motivated to share with you my thoughts and inspiration that ties your faith in God and your quest for personal fitness together. And yes, there is much inspiration in the Bible that relates to your personal fitness, not to mention your health in general. Both of these subjects are very important to me. Both inspire me greatly to better myself.

So join me if you wish, and be motivated. Get inspired. Lift your spirits. God has much to say about you and your life in every area. Some thoughts are just too good not to share. I welcome your questions or comments. Just please try to keep them kind.


 "Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."  1 Corinthians 10:31