Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bachelorette Jewelry

Being a hopeless romantic, I'm a sucker for the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows on ABC. Been watching them forever, despite the cheesy hot tub kisses, how crazy the hopefuls are (there's at least one crazy and one annoying per season). I also love seeing where they travel to on their dates (all exotic locations). In case I don't make it to all those pretty beaches and castles, I can go with Emily this season, and pretend I've already been.

As a jewelry designer, naturally I enjoy checking out all the jewelry worn by bachelorettes. Did you see Emily's gorgeous layered look on the last episode? I had my eye on the chain choker as well as the glittery phoenix she was wearing. That little bird ain't cheap. Encrusted with diamonds, that flying friend will run you just over $4,400. (CHEEP!) The rose ceremony jewelry was created by Aspen, CO based sister artists from The Woods Fine Jewelry. They create beautiful earth and nature inspired pieces. I may design something comparable, in an everygirl price range. I'm certain it can be done (sans diamonds). I'll let you know when it's ready to fly to you.

After some net digging, of course Dana over at Possessionista has the full skinny on all the clothes, nails, lipstick colors, shoes, swimwear and jewels, etc. She always knows where to go for celeb looks. Check out her blog. People ask her to ID something they saw on TV, and she gets the job done. Thanks for helping me find this bird Dana.
So now that we're down to Arie and Jef, who do you think she'll pick? I have my hunches, but my lips are sealed. Let's hope she finds true love and lasting happiness this time. I wish her and daughter Ricki the very best.
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