Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Birds Everywhere

I'm really inspired from my CRAVE Shop Symposium ( that I attended earlier this week at the Seattle Design Center. First of all, that place is amazing! Open to the public, but you must be with a designer/interior decorator. I saw some furnishings and chandeliers unlike any I've seen before in all my travels. Very cool stuff for homes (mansion & castles too).

The conference was great, and placed heavy emphasis on social media and all its outlets. My new fav is where you can really network and expand your business by attending and hosting local events to meet likeminded people, many of which are FREE. You have a profile page, but this site is not for sharing you are still in PJ's at 2pm like Facebook, or that you're not doing anything right now. This one's strictly business.

One article I thought I'd share here is all about Twitter. ( I'm not sure I have the time at this point, but check back with me next year. I may be tweeting with the rest of you by then.

Here's to networking (while wearing beautiful jewelry of course), Sarah
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