Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bridge Over Your Troubled Water

Have you heard the term "bridge" jewelry and thought that meant a certain type you had to wear while strolling over the Golden Gate? No - not quite it. That is what SARAH JANE DESIGN is to those people who may not want (or be able to)drop the extra $ for fine jewelry (diamonds, gems set in gold/silver, expensive pearls), but they also don't want to spend their money on cheap costume jewelry, like you find in every department store at the mall, made with base metals that turn your skin green or plastic beads. So I provide a bridge between those two. You get quality (high grade glass, real Swarovski Austrian lead crystals (not the plastic or glass knockoffs), real gemstones (not plastic look-a-likes), and precious metals (sterling silver or gold fill). You feel proud about of what you're wearing without losing a limb.

I realized this again today, when a client came to me and purchased for his wife for Valentine's, thanking me repeatedly that he didn't have to go to the mall and start hunting. Some guys do love hunting, but only if it involves bugles and camo gear. So when you're troubled as what to buy, think of me as your bridge and feel free to call and setup an appt. Sail on silver (or gold) girl.
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