Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Soccer

So excited that World Cup Soccer 2010 has begun. Since my girls started playing soccer, the sport has really grown on me. It's thrilling to think that World Cup may come to Seattle in years to come now that we have proven support for the sport with the Sounders playing in Seattle. I remember vacationing in Paris with my husband in 1998, watching throngs of ectastic fans racing through the streets with the French flag on their backs, after they won the final match 3-0 against Brazil. France won their first title, becoming the seventh nation to win a World Cup, and the first host nation to win the tournament since Argentina in 1978. I still have my souvenir-sized soccer ball in my travel treasures that we bought outside Notre Dame Cathedral.

For all those aspiring players, who pick themselves up from the mud, who take kicks to uprotected body parts, and push themselves to run faster towards the goal in the scorching heat, who go into overtime and beat the opposition by that hard-earned point, and for those that dare to cross them, I say..."Game On!". My glass tile jewelry is popular with girls/tweens for pendants, keychains, or hoodie pulls. All are $10. See my special on site. Buy 2, Get 1 FREE for any design (not just soccer) -mix and match. So many choices to look at during the commercial breaks. US plays England Saturday, June 12th at 2:30pm ET on ABC.

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