Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summertime Jewelry Tips

Just got back from Mexico where I saw plenty of gals wearing gold, diamond and even oversized shell necklaces at the pool and beach. I never do personally because I don't want anything to block my limited sun exposure. Imagine if you could see a necklace outline in my tan? LOL.

It is important to protect your jewelry during these warm summer months. Here are some simple tips from Jewelry Information Center that will keep your jewelry sparkling all summer long:
  • Remove all jewelry before going into a hot tub or swimming pool. The chlorine can damage and discolor metals such as gold and platinum and can slowly erode the finish and polish of gemstones.
  • Remove all jewelry before entering salt water as it can have the same effect as chlorine on your fine jewelry.
  • After wearing your fine jewelry, wipe it down with a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth. This will enhance the jewelry’s luster and will ensure that it is clean before storage.
  • Remove all jewelry before showering, cleaning, applying lotions, and sunscreen. These products cause a film to form on your jewelry, making it appear dull and dingy.
  • Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.
  • Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in a box with compartments and dividers to prevent pieces from scratching each other.
  • After the season, take it to a reputable jeweler and have it professionally cleaned to maintain the luster and sparkle of your precious baubles.
Another great tip when traveling abroad is if you don't want to take your diamond rings, but want to still look married, you can purchase an inexpensive set with cubic zirconia just for your "travel wedding set". Some of them look quite convincing!

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