Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hoot Hoot

Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that I'm most definitely still here. It's been a busy summer and I probably booked myself a little tight with five shows with the past month, plus shuttling to summer camps with my kids and vacations, etc. But I've still managed to find time to eat watermelon and get my Vitamin D levels up from their dangerously low levels, so life is good. I've been selling out of several categories of my glass tile jewelry. One of which is OWLS. I see them at mall stores everywhere, and they are definitely on trend this season. Not the scary Halloween owls, but the cute faced little ones, and I happen to have some that are not in any way endangered. If you give a hoot, check my site for the full collection. Order as a pendant, includes 24" ball chain (color your choice, that you can cut to size with normal scissors), keychain, or purse/backpack charm that clips on with giant lobster clasp. 1 for $10, 2 for $20 (get 1 free, so 3 total).
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