Wednesday, October 12, 2011

No Time?

Today's crossfit workout was a toughie (as usual) - biceps and back. Burning up the "bra fat" for the gals and sculpting the "lats" for the guys as my trainer puts it. And she made a good point today. For those who say they don't have time to workout..."If they have time to FaceBook, then they have time to workout." It's true. Just those 20-30 minutes checking updates or the 2 hours for some, could have gotten you all sweaty (with a six pack perhaps).

Think of ways you can multi-task your workout, when you have limited time. Can you be on a workout  machine at your home AND watch your favorite show? Can you walk the neighborhood AND return calls on your cell? Can you be on a bike at the gym AND read that book you can't put down? There you go-two things at once. Everyone has the same 24hrs/day. Think about what some people are able to accomplish in that time. I often feel overwhelmed by my workload, the carpool schedule and the housework, but it's important to remember to breathe and take time to stay healthy. When that goes, everything else is on hold. Let's face it - we make time for what's important to us, whether that is time studying our Bible, watching a favorite TV show or retail therapy. So balance in all things and focus on what's important in life.
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