Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ivanka Trump

I enjoyed watching the last episdode of Celebrity Apprentice as the teams battled to create two living window displays at Lord & Taylor for Ivanka Trump's beautiful jewelry and clothing line. My husband and I have always enjoyed watching this show and seeing how the various characters interact during their given tasks. Ivanka is a savvy business women, always appearing calm under pressure, gracious and incredibly poised. It would be fun to work with her and learn from her business skills. She seems like a geuinely nice person, and her fashion style is impeccable and refined. I had just mentioned to my husband that she shows a perfect "poker face" on her emotions and reactions to a nervous presenter or an odd character trait, when Aubrey O'Day (one of this season's contestants) said the exact same thing moments later. (great minds) Ivanka liked one of the team signs so well, she decided to use it. Not only does she work with her father (the Donald) in real estate acquisitions, but she has her jewelry and clothing line and recently became mother to a young daughter as well. It can be done ladies. Her dintinguished line is carried locally at Nordstrom in Bellevue Square.
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