Sunday, November 30, 2014

Custom Memorial Pendants

Sadly, I have made several custom memorial pendants lately, and even more sad is that a few of them were for deaths by suicide. So sudden and tragic, you often don't know what to give at a time like that. Jewelry is something to consider giving when you want something uniquely special that lasts much longer, and means more than a gift of flowers.

The first was for the mother of a down syndrome man. I included the phrase Live Lives On, plus his name, date, an angel wing charm, and the Swarovski crystals in Down Syndrome Awareness colors of dark blue and yellow.

The next was for family members who had lost their Mom. One went to the daughter and had her amethyst birthstone, plus the angel wing and other charms. A slightly different version went to the granddaughter, with the strength circle charm and cross charm, as her faith was helping her through this difficult time. The last leather dogtag was for the younger grandson to clip onto his backpack.

The last set I did was for the girlfriend of a young man who loved to play drums. So I included a drum set charm, the angel wing, and his favorite colors, black and red, plus the phrase Love Lives On the front, and RIP (name) and dates on the back side. The leather dogtag was made into a keychain for another family member.

As you can see, I will take care to personalize for both women and men, older or younger so they have a special keepsake to remember their loved one by. I will do my best to personalize with colors, meaningful text, and charms that I may have in stock that remind you of something personal about them.

You can purchase here in my ETSY shop and put in note to seller specific charms, colors, dates, text etc. or you can convo me as well through my shop.  

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