Thursday, March 19, 2015

Disney Party

Hi guys, and sorry for not updating you recently. I HAVE been busy though and have thought of you often. I just wanted to let you know of a collaboration I did recently with Jeannie of MyMoodyMama blog. A busy homeschooling Mother of 4, let me just say, she is a wealth of information (as you can see by her handle +alittleaboutalot) especially about many things Disney. #LOVEDisney

Honestly, I don't know how she does it all, and has time to blog, etc. BUT SHE DOES! (Her next vids should be on time management, because she has that handled.)

She profiles many products including scrapbook materials, favorite makeup finds, clothing hauls, has all kinds of #Giveaways (mostly on her Insta), even test drives cars, and still has time to film makeup tutorials on her YouTube Channel. #DollFace
I also like that we share common core values with our faith, and she uses humor and inspiration to encourage you along the way in your daily life.

Her blog post re SarahJaneDesign was about a Disney Side @HomeCelebration, where Disney sent her a big box of goodies for a child's party. How cool is that? If you want more info, click the link above. Be sure and check out her party layout, including Frozen punch with a little Olaf inside.

She profiled some of my Princess Necklaces, and each girl got one as a necklace favor with a different princess when they left. So much fun! #HopefullyNoFights

If you go my SarahJaneDesign ETSY Shop and search for Disney Princess, a lot of options will come up, not to mention all my Run Disney jewelry.

Here are the links to ALittleAboutALot online...

Instagram: @alittleaboutalot

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