Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here I am

Hello jewelry lovers,

I've just joined this site (my first blog) and hope to connect with many of you along the way. Check out Sarah Jane Design to see my latest designs.

While I don't have one exact style or look, people love my jewelry because of how I put color together, my unusual pieces that have fossils or rare woods in them, my original sports line for runners, triathletes and cyclists and my diverse mix of elegant designs and everyday wear.

One of my newest favorite pieces on both my site and my Etsy site, is my CLEAN GREEN EARTH COLLECTION. I was really inspired to do something to promote awareness to keep our planet beautiful. Seeing these chrysocola stones, I couldn't help but think they look like our planet from space. I feel passionately about this cause and try to do my part. Not only is the piece striking and beautiful, featuring a brand new assymetrical design (which I seem to use often), it is reasonably priced for all the semi-precious components that go into it. It is a great conversation piece and you will love to wear it and maybe inspire others to go green.

Til nextime...As my Dad always says....take it easy, work hard.

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