Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year everyone - I can feel it. This year is going to be a good one. I am hoping and praying that the economy turns around for everyone. New designs are on their way, so stay tuned.

Stamps & Stones Collection - featuring stamps from my large private collection from around the world, paired with semi-precious stones and other pretties. Starting with either New Zealand (where I grew up) or Australia, where I also have family, and can't wait to visit again. I have some real beauties, and if you are from there, or have taken a special trip there, you will want one for your jewelry collection. It will be art for your neck. If you want something custom from your country, please email me from my website and we can discuss a custom piece.

Asian Art - featuring beautiful inchies of asian scenic landscapes, blossums, fish, etc. they are gorgeous and so unique. Guaranteed no one else out there has something like this. designs in my sports jewelry which I am very excited about - still in production.

Take care, Sarah
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