Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love Season

Love is in the air - it's Valentine's Season -time to think romantic thoughts if you aren't already. I have new designs posted to the site that I'm really excited about. I have also added a cart to many pieces which makes things easier for you to order. I will continue to add the cart to more pieces as I find time to do so.

Reversible MINI picture pendants sport all kinds of Valentine art so that you have a fun piece to pull out every year. Perfect for tees and jeans or a cute dress for that dinner out with your sweetheart. You can put together any combination of the pictures you see and wear it both ways. 2 chains: $25 for 16-19" oxidized sterling or $15 for stainless steel ball chain, which is a great option for young girls. Check out all the pretties in red at

Til kind to others and take care of yourself too. Enjoy the season!

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