Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Be Aware!

Do you know anyone who is faithfully training right now for a 3-Day Walk or run coming up? Let me tell you that it is not a piece of cake to raise at least $2500 or more and then walk 30 miles for three days in a row and come away after 6o miles completely exhausted. But every walker will tell you that any blisters they have are still worth the effort and satisfaction they have in their heart knowing they have helped raise funds towards such a valliant effort. We must find a cure for this disease, and I hope it happens in my lifetime. Almost everyone knows someone who has survived, is battling or has lost a battle to breast cancer. Pray for these special ladies in our lives.

If you have a team walking in September, why not get everyone a piece to remember the walk by. Tiny glass picture pendants that can be customized for your team or with names/dates for only $10 each. I have brand new awareness designs. Discounts on multiple orders - check it out.
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