Monday, October 5, 2009

Location is Everything

This has nothing to do with jewelry, but it will ring a bell for gym junkies. Just for chuckles, I have to share before I go and cleanse off the bacteria. We all know location is everything. That is true for real estate, for parking spots, and for many things...including which machine you choose to workout on in the gym. Today I made a mistake. In my focus to get through my workout, I became the meat in the sandwich between two closely positioned eliptical machines and had to pick the only one available. I soon realized why it was open. The heavy, sweaty guy on my left certainly gets brownie points for being there and he was working really hard, God bless him. At first I didn't realize why my left arm was so cold, so I did a doubletake to see if I was under a fan, but NO, I wasn't. I sudddenly realized it was him. Aside from the noises he was making that mimicked childbirth, he was panting and blowing so terribly hard on every breath that my hair was blowing sideways and working out with your head turned at a 90 degree angle isn't much fun. I also wasn't so sure he might have a heart attack right there, and the thought of giving CPR to this guy wasn't on the top of my to-do list today. That wasn't all. This early on a Monday at the gym with folks who just rolled out of bed and dragged themselves there, I wasn't breathing fresh Alpine air. I found myself holding my breath and instead of being able to continue, I ended up flying off the machine on mid cycle, probably on the highest point of my random cycle, but I didn't care. I could breath again and that felt really good. Anyway, get out there, workout and push yourself - knock 'em dead. Just not literally.
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