Monday, May 10, 2010

Beautiful Brides

Hello to all the brides out there dreaming of their magnificant day ahead! I remember how it was (18 yrs ago now). Practically the day after I got engaged, I was standing in line at the supermarket with the 3 biggest magazines you'd ever seen in hand - all of them bridal. I was ready to start hunting down ideas. And my trusty planner kept me on track with the million things I had to do. It was a fabulous, exciting and stressful time, all leading up to a fabulous, exciting and non-stressful day (all because of planning ahead). Oh, and being sure you're marrying the right guy helps a lot!

Anyway, I'm enjoying networking with my meetup group Puget Sound Wedding Professionals Network. We meet tomorrow in Tacoma over lunch and find ways to reach more brides like you to help. I LOVE creating the perfect sets for your attendants and yourself that you can enjoy later with bold colored gemstones, glittering Swarovski crystals and quality chain in precious metals. Something different from the classic strand of pearls. I work within your budget so that every dollar is well invested in a gift that you will be proud to give and they will be proud to wear. Call or email me if you want to discuss ideas/costs. I will match your jewelry to the dress colors/theme and style. And that will be one more thing off your list. I recently did the champagne set below. All the bride needed was simple earrings for her attendants.
Right now SJD is offering a summer discount - 20 OFF 4 OR MORE! - 20% off any set/piece after the 3rd one purchased. Expires 8/31/10. Please forward to any brides you know that may need my help.
SJD just joined Wedding Wire and Bridal Tweet too.
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