Thursday, April 22, 2010


Had to do a quick shout out for the official "Earth Day" today, even though to be truly green, Earth Day is everyday. I don't reuse toilet paper or chew gum more than once, but I do turn taps and lights off and pull plugs from the wall on many appliances & lamps when I'm not using them. I monitor my thermostat constantly and make changes when needed. I use my blinds for heat/cold efficiency on hot days and cold nights-it's amazing what a difference it makes. The new windows we put in last year are proving to be worth the investment according to our power bill. I love to hear things my daughter has learned about being green from school. Their generation is much more educated and socially conscious than we ever were at that age on such things. Now it is officially cool to be green. These glass tile pendants are adorable to wear and make a statement. I have more on my site as well. They are the perfect gift as a TY for anyone working on a "green" project. $10 (includes a 24" ball chain of your color choice that can be cut to any size).
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