Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recycling Precious Metal Scrap

Just took a class last night on how to recycle my precious metal scrap. And let me tell you that my little sack of cut chain links, jump rings, broken earring findings and pieces of headpins, etc. turned out to be worth something. I was always holding onto it for just the right time and couldn't throw it away. After all, I paid for it, so it felt like throwing money away.When I saw this class, I knew I had to take my sack in and see what I could do with it. People brought in their gold scrap too, so seeing literally hundreds of dollars that was sitting in a drawer prior, transformed into reusable form was exciting. So much fun to melt down the pieces (1/2 oz. or less at a time) with the torch, then pour it into an ingot mold. Within seconds it was cooled and we could quench, pickle (if needed) and then file the edges off to make a smooth tube of sterling silver (@ 2"). Then back and forth through the metal press (like a pasta machine), until tube about the size of a pencil, was flattened into a 8" piece of shiny flat metal. I'm thinking just about perfect for a stamped bracelet cuff or ring with some more finish work. I will have to come back and melt some more. If interested in metalsmithing, check out the classes offered at TMAC. Instructor, Amy Reeves was very knowledgeable and helpful to each of us. You can also pay $10/hr or $30/day to go to the shop and use all the amazing tools they have there-just call first.
Sterling Silver Scrap - Melted Ingot - Pressed
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