Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2011 Spring/Summer Collections

Hello - I'm back! I've been busy working on my various new collections (hard to condense all the ideas swirling upstairs). Raise the curtain please....
PARIS COLLECTION (glitter embellished, reversible soldered pendants-2 necklaces in one)
TWEET COLLECTION (birds, nests, wood and leaves in various concoctions)
BLOOM COLLECTION (freshly picked silk flower rings and bracelets)
KIMONO COLLECTION (colorful threads and stones, Asian aesthetic)
ONE of a KIND (always those special treasures if you only buy Uniquely You)
SPORTS (Sprocket Bracelet and Earrings for you Pedal Pushers. Fly Baby running necklace)

TWEET Collection
Blue Skies Necklace Set

CHIRP Earrings

Mother's Love

Sprocket Bracelet Set (for cyclists). Choose one crystal dangle.

French Crown (reversible soldered pendant)

Fly Baby Fly (running pendant)

More pieces posting soon. TWEET Collection is up right now, so check it out.
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