Thursday, September 29, 2011

Custom Designs

Been busy making many custom pieces lately for my special clients (all of you). A good friend who is also a great travel agent asked for a custom cell charm. With the cute palm tree charm and chairs on the sand, I feel compelled to call her to book a trip to Bora Bora...leaving TONIGHT! The back side has her phone number and "Let's Go!".

Custom soldered cell charm - $20

Another client requested a keychain with popcorn peddler on front and an old fashioned popcorn machine on back for her Mom who sells popcorn to local businesses. How about a custom keychain to show everywhere you go when you set down your keys on counters all around town? I even found a bead that looked like popped popcorn. Now let's start the movie! Speaking of movies, I've included a link to my favorite "cheap" movie theatre in Federal Way. Only $1 per show on Tuesdays and $2 per show the rest of the week.You can't beat that for taking the whole family.

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