Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Road Trip

This was the year of the road trip. What a trip it was. Our bottoms are completely flat from sitting in the car so long, but what memories we created along the way. Beef jerky, sour gummy worms and caffeine are staples. Good music, car games, earphones and movies for the kids makes for a smooth ride. First my husband's conference in Spokane combined with Hoopfest - husband and daughter played. Always sunny Spokane. Always goodtimes at Hoopfest.

Then onto Yellowstone National Park. Geyers and more geysers. Hot steaming sulphur gases and boiling mud. A feast for the senses and something you just HAVE to see in your lifetime.


Yellowstone Canyon (maybe a Christmas card?)

Oh, and lots of buffalo. "Give me a home..."

Saddling up for a ride at the family ranch in Nebraska.
CarHenge in Aliiance, Nebraska

Mt. Rushmore and other famous faces in SD

Crazy Horse National Monument, Rapid City, SD

Grand Teton National Park, WY

Jackson Hole, WY (great town)
Feeding gulls in Seaside,OR
Glad to be home.

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