Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Older car + music lover = must have

Non-jewelry related, but still a gem. My kids gave me this for Mother's Day and they knew it would be a hit. Since I'm halfway updated - driving a car that's (a few) years old, but an iphone user with a large playlist, they (with hubby's suggestion) made my day. Although mine was bought from Radioshack for a little more, I see it here on Amazon for almost nothing. Worth a try until you upgrade your car to one with an iDock built-in. See the link to the side and maybe this will be a great FATHER'S DAY gift idea! I simply put this "tape" in my cassette slot (never used anyway) and plug it into my iPhone. Now I can listen to my playlists with good quality sound. Love it!

Gigaware® Cassette Adapter
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