Friday, May 25, 2012

A Tweet Journey

I have to share an interactive spring miracle that is unfolding before my family's eyes. A few weeks ago I was watering a container plant just at the entrance to my front pathway, when a sparrow flew out and startled me. I had the thought to check for a nest. Sure enough, a perfectly round sparrow's nest was buried in the plant, filled with four tiny speckled eggs. (Sorry Mother Bird.) I decided to leave her alone. You can see my plant is only half-alive, since don't want to water too much and turn the nest into a smal boat. We watch the daily growth carefully. Both Mom & Dad are tending to the nest, taking turns hunting, gathering or warming the little ones. They don't like it when we take pictures, so they are limited. Stay tuned for more updates on our feathered friends. And if you like birds like I do, check out my bird inspired jewelry HERE and HERE!
The Nesting Spot (not far to fall when they learn to fly)
Her four little darlings (to be)

Brothers & Sisters (bald, but happy)

Getting downy (for an afternoon nap)

Is dinner ready? (Hungry Birds)

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