Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sunglasses please...

You're going to need a darker pair of sunglasses to look at this 400+ year old, 76.2 carat diamond, and I suggest you have plenty of pennies saved up if you plan on bidding on this beauty when it goes to auction at Christie's in Geneva in November. Known as the Archduke Joseph Diamond, it's supposed to fetch $15 million or more. I would need a back support to have this DAZZLING DIAMOND anywhere near my neck. Interesting that it came from the earliest known (400 B.C.) Golconda Mine in India where the Hope Diamond was also found, as well as some that went into England's Crown Jewels. That mine stopped producing diamonds in 1725. A rare treasure indeed.

The colourless gem is to be exhibited from October 13 in New York, Hong Kong and Geneva before the auction in Switzerland on November 13. Photo: AFP

I can't say the same for the jokes in this piece, although I did find myself chuckling.
They are one funny crew.

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