Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Celebrate Life - it's precious!

I loved making this order because as I cut the leather and ink distressed the edges, attached the Minnie Mouse ears and bling accents, hung the sterling silver awareness ribbons above each one, added the jump rings and chains, wrapped each one in spotted tissue with Disney princess stickers and black organza bag, I could anticipate the joy from the beaming smiles on the ladies faces as they receive these. I could feel the bond of sisterhood and love as these ladies choose to celebrate life and each other in one of the happiest places on earth.

You see six gal pals are going to Disneyland this February and they have great reason to celebrate. Two of them have been through Breast Cancer, and are celebrating their recovery. This disease affects so many, but these days with early detection it can be quite treatable. I know SO many ladies who have been through the dark tunnel to the other side of hope and health. I have had a scare myself, and I know the crazy places your mind will go.

The best advice I can offer is what we already know to do:
  • Don't forget your annual checkup and lab work. Many Moms forget about themselves and only go to the doctor when they're sick or pregnant (NOT good).
  • Do monthly self-exams to catch any unusual lumps or changes between checkups.
  • Exercise (yes you have to). Plus you'll look better, feel stronger, have more energy, and sleep better. A strong body can fight off anything better. Make time.
  • Make healthy choices in your diet. (Cancer cells love sugar and acidic environments)
  • Reduce stress in your life - toxic people, stressful or dangerous relationships, a job that depresses you daily, too many cats or Christmas lights.
  • Try to stay emotionally balanced. Don't be a drama queen. Be happy for others and not jealous. Forgive and don't hold onto grudges - it hurts you the most. Be slow to anger (OK, that one's for me - I have teenagers. LOL) 
  • Don't let worry or fear of the disease overtake or consume your thoughts frequently. Just because it was in your family, doesn't mean it will happen to you or recur. Don't plan on it, but be all the more vigilant with your health.
And if you are going through the battle, keep a positive (I'm going to beat this) survivor's attitude, which is one factor that helps your body stay strong. Pray. Make the changes. De-stress. Don't give up. Fight. Hold strong. Never quit! And if I could hug you right now, I would. Surround yourself with people who care and love you. Love is powerful!
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