Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Zealand ALL BLACKS Necklace

Well this was a fun one for me to create, since I was born and raised in New Zealand myself. One of my clients is visiting this Christmas and has a dear friend who plays soccer herself and loves the sport. The design immediately popped into my head, as I literally had one lone rugby charm in stock. I added the closest thing I had to a fern charm as well, since that is a popular symbol for both the ALL BLACKS national rugby team and New Zealand. Just coming off their 2015 Rugby World Cup win, they are riding high right now. If you've never watched a rugby game, it is quite entertaining. Players wear no protective gear whatsoever. The game is a mix between American football and soccer with a fast pace. When the ball drops, they just pick it up and keep moving up the line. My favorite move is when they lift a player up to catch the ball. It looks almost like a ballet dance move to me. (don't laugh guys) Don't get me wrong, these boys are 100% tough.
I think her friend will enjoy something so personal and unique. Custom jewelry is becoming my middle name, as I design SO many designer dog tags and stamped pieces for my clients. When a gift is personalized, I think it comes with a little extra love.
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