Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NEW Running Jewelry by SJD

So excited to show you the fresh new RUNNING designs I've been working on. Many new ones in 7/8" glass tile designs for only $10-includes 24" ball chain. Many of them are now glittered, which doesn't show here, but adds some great sparkle. Note the ones in Row E, that include ribbons, shamrocks and hearts. these are designed with specific races in mind, such as The 3-Day, St. Patty's Day races, Heart Runs of all kinds, Leukemia society or other purple ribbon runs like the Columbia Tower Big Climb. These icons will be glittered unless you request otherwise. They look super cute in person. The same intention for Row B with the color of the 26 being for certain designated races. Email me for custom colors, photos, quotes or modifications of any of these designs.

I've also created an exclusive SJD original, designed for the Disney Princess Half Marathon coming up in late February. My friend Jamie Edge of Running Diva Mom is reviewing this piece and GIVING ONE AWAY very soon so join her blog so you don't miss your chance to win.. She is an inspiring mother of two who pounds the pavement like no one else and reviews all kinds of great running gear. Know any running friends who do this race every year? - Please share the link.
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